AJung Moon



AJung Moon is an experimental roboticist specializing in ethics and responsible design of interactive robots and AI systems. As an Assistant Professor at McGill, she directs the Responsible Autonomy & Intelligent System Ethics (RAISE) lab at the University. This means that she not only works on the cool tech behind autonomous systems but also studies the behavior of and implications to the people interacting with the technologies.

Prior to joining McGill, she served as Senior Advisor for the UN Secretary-General’s High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation, founder and CEO of an AI ethics consultancy, and Director of the Open Roboethics Institute. Outside the office, you’ll find her indoor gardening, crocheting or being a foodie. 


Please see the Publications page for all my published work. Google also keeps track of my work here.

Web presence: https://www.ajungmoon.com/ 

Twitter: @RoboEthics

Research Interests